Pictures from Harvest Day Sponsored by FineMark

Harvest Day

On May 15, 2014, Orangewood Elementary School students celebrated Harvest Day for their American Heart Association Teaching Garden. Over the past 5 months, students of all ages at Orangewood have carefully maintained their hydroponic garden built by iSeed USA and sponsored by FineMark National Bank & Trust. The students learned how to water the plants, feed the fish and keep the whole ecosystem healthy.

To celebrate Harvest Day, the students had the opportunity to learn how to cook with the various foods they grew in their garden. FineMark Executive Chef Lisa Fidler, created a Fish Taco recipe and led a live cooking demonstration for the kids, parents and teachers involved.

The goal of the hydroponic garden was not only to teach the kids about building and maintaining a garden, but also to show them all the benefits a garden has to offer and help form healthy eating habits. The Bank will be sponsoring the Orangewood teaching garden for a second year beginning in August.