Online Banking Payment Updates

FineMark is pleased to offer upgrades to some of the online bill payment
functions including: loan principal payments and a new look and added functionality of online bill pay.

FineMark is pleased to offer upgrades to some of the online bill payment functions. If you have any questions on the loan principal payments or the new look of online bill pay, please contact us.

Loan Principal Payments

If you currently make loan payments online, you now have the ability to make principle payments. The process has recently been updated to be user friendly for our clients.

When a loan account is selected on the "Make a Transfer" page and if you select the frequency "Once, Now", a new field for a Principal Payment is displayed. If a frequency other than "Once, Now" is selected the Principal Payment field will not be displayed.

Online Bill Pay Enhancements

(coming soon!)

This Summer, FineMark's Online Bill Pay will have a new look with new and improved features.

The first improvement you'll notice is that when you click the "Billing center" link, the bill payment service will open in the same browser window. If you have multiple company names for your businesses, you will see a new landing page immediately after clicking the "Billing center" link. This landing page will let you choose the company from which to make payments, and, the name of the company you select is the one that will appear on the payments.

Next, you'll notice bill payment navigation is more streamlined. There will be payment windows with tabs that let you move easily between approval, payment, and history tasks. This new design will facilitate paying and approving multiple bills at once.

Lastly, links for administration-type tasks like reports and user settings will appear beneath the payment windows.

FineMark National Bank & Trust is excited to offer these enhancements that will help increase your company's efficiency and save you money over time.